IPCRC.NET, the International Palliative Care Resource Center, aims to make all palliative care resources accessible and build palliative care capacity worldwide.  It is part of the International Program at The Institute for Palliative Medicine.

Conceptual Framework: This ‘front door’ to an extensive array of palliative resources has been developed and laid out based on the Conceptual Framework of Palliative Care, and the World Health Organization (WHO) Strategy for developing palliative care capacity.

Comprehensive: We aim to provide access to all resources on the internet related to palliative care, including comfort, supportive, hospice, end-of-life, terminal and bereavement care.

Easy: Each link has a brief overview of the content at each website.

Educational: Use the buttons in the Table of Contents to the left to access the information you want within the conceptual framework of palliative care.

Fast: Information on IPCRC.NET should download quickly, even on a slow telephone connection.

We are continually updating the information and links. If we’ve missed something, please let us know at newresources@ipcrc.net.

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