Overview of EPEC™-Oncology

The Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Oncology (EPECâ„¢-O) Curriculum is a comprehensive course of study in palliative and end-of-life care developed specifically for clinicians caring for persons with cancer. The curriculum, divided into 3 plenary sessions, 31 content modules, and 2 teaching skills modules, has 2 purposes:

  • Provide the practicing clinician with information and strategies necessary to provide palliative interventions to his/her patients
  • Provide educational tools and materials to use in teaching the core competencies of palliative care to trainees

EPEC™-O was produced by the EPEC™ Project at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, with major funding provided by the National Cancer Institute and supplemental funding provided by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Oncology Nursing Society provide partnership support in dissemination of EPEC™-O.

Visit the EPEC™ Project Website at www.epec.net.

Download syllabus, slides, and videos

Plenary Presentations Issues that Cause Suffering 
Plenary 1: Gaps in Oncology
Module 2: Cancer Pain Management
Plenary 2: Models of Comprehensive Care
Module 3a: Symptoms - General Introduction
Plenary 3: Charting the Future
Module 3b: Anorexia / Cachexia
Teaching Skills 1:
Module 3c: Anxiety
Teaching Skills  2:
Module 3d: Ascites
Module 3e: Bowel Obstruction
Module 3f: Constipation
Module 3g: Delirium
Module 1: Comprehensive Assessment
Module 3h: Depression
Module 3i: Diarrhea
Module 3j: Dyspnea
Approaches to Providing Care 
Module 3k: Fatigue
Module 7: Communicating Effectively
Module 3l: Insomnia
Module 8: Clarifying Diagnosis and Prognosis
Module 3m: Malignant Pleural Effusions
Module 9: Negotiating Goals of Care
Module 3n: Menopausal Symptoms
Module 10: Clinical Trials
M3o: Mucositis
Module 11: Withdrawing Nutrition, Hydration
Module 3p: Nausea / Vomiting
End-of-Life Care in the Setting of Cancer: Withdrawing Nutrition and Hydration
Module 3q: Skin
Module 12: Conflict Resolution
Module 4: Loss, Grief, and Bereavement
Loss, Grief, Bereavement of Cancer
Module 13: Advance Care Planning
Module 5: Survivorship
Module 14: Physician-Assisted Suicide
Module 15: Cancer Doctors and Burnout
Module 6: Last Hours of Living
Clarifying Diagnosis and Prognosis in Cancer: Guidance for Healthcare Providers
Last Hours of Living: Practical Advice for Clinicians

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