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Treat the Pain / Life Before Death Video Series

Focuses on the global epidemic of untreated pain and the need for palliative care.

Freedom from Pain, Al Jazeera TV, July 20, 2011

For many in the West pain ends with a pill, but elsewhere the war on drugs is cutting people off from pain medication.

Stop Torture in Health Care, Open Society Foundations

The severity of the pain experienced by patients denied pain relief can be as great or greater than that of traditional torture techniques, and it can last longer. Although not acting out of malice, health workers and policymakers restrict access to pain medicines for inappropriate reasons such as exaggerated fears of addiction, failure to educate or train physicians in palliative care, arbitrary regulations on morphine-derived substances, and preoccupation with drug control rather than concern for people with pain.


  • International Association for the Study of Pain Terminology
    The following pain terminology is from "Part III: Pain Terms, A Current List with Definitions and Notes on Usage" (pp 209-214) Classification of Chronic Pain, Second Edition, IASP Task Force on Taxonomy, edited by H. Merskey and N. Bogduk, IASP Press, Seattle, © 1994.

Pain Resources

IOM Report: Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research (open access)

In this report, the IOM offers a blueprint for action in transforming prevention, care, education, and research, with the goal of providing relief for people with pain in America.

Kenya National Cancer Control Strategy 2011-2016 published in August 2011 (PDF 650KB)

The Lancet: Managing pain effectively, 25 June 2011; 377 (9784):2151 (open access)

An overview of The Lancet's new clinical Series focusing on treatments for postoperative, chronic non-cancer, and chronic cancer pain.

  • National Guideline Clearinghouse
    Resources for professionals include downloadable slide presentations, overviews of the most common chronic pain disorders, frequently asked questions, Resource Center for Pain Medicine and Palliative Care at Beth Israel Medical Center, publications, glossary, bibliographies, teaching materials, research resources and more.

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AGS: The American Geriatrics Society

Management of persistent pain in older persons 347 KB

Talaria: The hypermedia assistant for cancer pain management

EWMA: European Wound Management Association

Pain at wound dressing changes

Nociceptive Pain

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Neuropathic Pain

Fast Facts #212: Phantom Limb Pain


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