New Guideline! Psychosocial and bereavement support of family caregivers of palliative care patients, Centre for Palliative Care, Melbourne Australia (PDF 630 KB)

Most family caregivers will adequately respond to their role and even identify positive aspects associated with their experience. However, a considerable proportion of family caregivers will experience poor psychological, social, financial, spiritual and physical well-being and some will also suffer from prolonged grief. It is clear that many family caregivers have unmet needs and would like more information, education, preparation and personal support to assist them in the caregiving role. There is also a shortage of evidence-based strategies to guide health professionals to provide optimal support whilst the caregiver is providing care and after the patient's death. [The] research team [at the Centre for Palliative Care] ... has developed Clinical Practice Guidelines for the psychosocial and bereavement support of family caregivers of palliative care patients. The guidelines were developed for multidisciplinary health care professionals and clinical services commonly involved in caring for adult patients receiving palliative care in a variety of care sites throughout Australia. The guidelines may also prove valuable for the international palliative care community and for generalist health care providers who may occasionally care for palliative care patients. Download the guideline from (PDF 630 KB)

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