Giorgi Metivishvili, MD

Giorgi Metivishvili, MD


Palliative Care Unit of Cancer Prevention Center, Tbilisi, Georgia

Dr.Metivishvili is currently a Physician in the Palliative Care Unit of Cancer Prevention Center, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Dr.Metivishvili was a surgeon-oncologist at the National Cancer Center, Tbilisi, Georgia from 2002-2005. Among many of his achievements he has completed many intense courses in regards to pain management of incurable patients in terminal state of diseases, clinical transfusion at the Institute of Hematology and Transfusion, and symptom control and management.

Dr. Metivishvili has also published many articles on the research on cancer patients and distribution of information regarding diagnosis, first experience of clinical palliative care of onco-incurable patients and reasons for incorrect managing of advanced cancer pain. He also has articles on the side effects of Opioids and gastrointestinal tract symptom control for palliative care for cancer patients.

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