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Paula’s intense neuropathic pain (10 out of 10) landed her in an intensive care unit, curled up in a ball, crying. Paula only recovered her quality of life when she was treated with a combination of opiate medications through the care and persistence of her doctor, Dr Jay Thomas of City of Hope Cancer Center in Los Angeles, California. Dr Kathleen Foley (USA), Dr Jay Thomas (USA) and Paula (USA) provide notable quotes:

Paula regrets the global crisis in untreated pain that sees 4 of every 5 people lacking access to adequate pain management around the world.

Through the insight of pain expert Dr Kathleen Foley of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York we discover that pain can actually kill you.

Opiate medications, which are medicines derived from opium, are considered by the World Health Organization to be the gold standard in the treatment of moderate to severe pain.

Today, Paula’s pain is well controlled and she is relieved to have her life back again. She reports, “I love my opiates! I couldn’t live without my opiates.”

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  • Tell several colleagues and friends to watch this video
  • Ask them if they have ever experienced pain; ask them to describe their experience
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