Eddie Mwebesa, MB CHB, MMed

Eddie Mwebasa

Clinical Director, Hospice Africa Uganda, Kampala, Uganda

Fellow, International Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program, OhioHealth

E-mail: emwebesa@hospiceafrica.or.ug

Eddie Mwebesa, MD is Clinical Director at Hospice Africa Uganda in Kampala, Uganda. He provides clinical care to patients and provides mentoring and support to members of the palliative care team. Eddie is involved in efforts to increase morphine production within his organization and in Uganda, and has a special interest in furthering the philosophy and practice of palliative care in Uganda and Africa.

Other Appointments:

  • Honorary Lecturer, Makerere University,Kampala, Uganda
  • Honorary Lecturer, Mbarara University,Mbarara, Uganda
  • Instructor, BSc Degree in Palliative Care, Institute for Palliative Medicine for Africa
  • Senior Management Team, Hospice Africa Uganda
  • International Programs Directorate, Hospice Africa Uganda

Key Accomplishments:

  • Eddie is championing operational research projects through Hospice Africa Uganda’s Research Agenda Initiative.

Education / Honors:

  • Master of Science, Public Health, International Health Sciences University, Kampala, Uganda, expected 2012
  • International Visiting Scholar, Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice, 2010
  • Master of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, 2009
  • Bachelor of Surgery, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, 2002
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, 2002

Key Presentations:

  • Mwebesa, E. 2011, “Difficult Clinical Situations”, Palliative Care Association of Uganda Conference.


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