Egide Mpanumusingo, MD

Egide Mpanumusingo, MD

Medical Doctor, NCD/Onco Medical Coordinator, Butaro Hospital, Burera, Rwanda

Fellow, International Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program, OhioHealth


Dr. Egide Mpanumusingo is Coordinator of the Oncology Department and works in the NCD clinic of Butaro Hospital in Burera, Rwanda. He treats those patients with chronic conditions, which are sometimes incurable. He works with them not only as his clients, but also as his best friends, caring for them and demonstrating empathy. Dr. Mpanumusingo is eager to expand the provision of palliative care in his setting.

Other Appointments:

  • Head of Internal Medicine, Butaro Hospital
  • Mentor to nurses in health centers

Key Accomplishments:

  • Since March 2012, the implementation of a Palliative Care unit at Butaro Hospital, and implementation of continuous education and supervision of palliative care health care providers.

Education / Honors:

  • Medical Degree, Universite de Ngozi, Burundi, 2000-2007
  • Training, Palliative Care and Pain Management, Palliative Care Association of Rwanda with support of DFID and Help the Hospices, February 2012
  • Other trainings including cancer care, HIV/AIDS management, and Tuberculosis

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